Fundraising Events

Raise funds for your organisation by hosting a fun and interactive quiz or contest. Prize winners can be selected according to a score or at random.

Corporate Team Building

An interactive voting session can encourage your team members to work together and to become competitive, while the results can help you gain valuable insights into their concerns and opinions.

Quiz Nights / Pub Quizzes

Make your quizzes fun and interactive with the Audience Response System. Handsets can be assigned to teams or individuals. At the end of each round scores are displayed on a scoreboard.

Research Surveys

The Audience Response System system is used as a powerful tool for market research and community development. Learn what your audience/ focus group understands about your brand or about the issues you are researching.

Training Sessions

Gain an understanding for the effectiveness of your student and staff training. Periodic quizzes pertaining to your training can help you discover from your audience what you need to focus on more.

Exam Preparations

Help your students prepare for exams and turn your classroom into an academic game show. Using the Audience Response System in the classroom stimulates debate and helps you as the teacher understand what topics you need to focus on more. Results can be displayed immediately after votes have been made. At the end of a quiz the top learners can be listed on the scoreboard.

Learner Licence Testing

Help students pass their learners licence test the first time! Cut down on the learning time for studying for your learners and get great interactive practise using Audience Response System.

Award-Style Voting for Contests

Let the audience choose the winner of your talent show, battle of the bands, beauty contest or other contest. As incentive offer a lucky participant in the audience a prize, the winner being the number on the back of a randomly selected remote.

Risk Assessments

The interactive voting system acts as a great tool for performing risk assessments with a wide range of reporting functions to suit each group’s needs. Reports can be instantly exported into MS Word or Excel.

SETA Assessments

Sunvote is perfect for SETA assessments.With the Cumulative Average Scoring feature the trainer can gauge instantly the trainees’ understanding of the content while the lesson is progressing.

Research for Community Development

Gain an understanding of the opinions and concerns of a local community, whether it be a sample of people from a township, or the members of a homeowners association